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Dear Master! Some people say that if you follow a religion, it is a betrayal to give up your religion. Conversion is sinful. After Death, they will go to Hell. Sir, is it correct?


Ladies and gentlemen!

* First, we would like to define what sin means?

Sin means that what you do to harm you is a sin or you harm people and animals are sins. If you do nothing to harm yourself and others, there is no crime. If you didn't do anything to hurt yourself and others, who will send you to hell.

* Second, what does Tao mean?

Tao means morality. Religion is teaching people to live ethically.

For example, you must respect and be filial to their parents; you should not kill, steal, lie, etc. This is the foundation of human morality. If you are unfilial to your parents, murder, steal, etc. So you do contrary to human morality or in other words, you are anti-religious.

Religion is teaching people morality. You have the right to learn all the good things of religions and you have the right to choose a religion in which you live peacefully, happily, suitable for your life, which is not contrary to the religion, human morality.


Someone says: "Giving up religion is apostasy and sinful". What do you think?


Anti-religious mean going against human morality.

For example: Being unfilial to your parents or stealing, killing people, etc. You apostate means you do not follow this religion or in other words, do not follow this religion anymore. But do you do anything that goes against human morality? If not, what are you guilty of?

This statement is to scare and bind the believer from apostasy. If you follow a religion, but it has no roots, no practical moral foundation, contrary to human morality, and you deliberately keep and follow it, will you feel sorry for yourself? And are you deceiving yourself?


Dear Master! If I follow a different religion, but my parents reject me, will I be guilty? What should I do?


As mentioned above, you are not filial to your parent or kill people, etc. you are not guilty. There is no religion that teaches parents to reject their children, even if the child is not filial. What's more, you didn't do anything to harm anyone or be unfilial to your parents. But if your parents reject you, because you follow a different religion, they are not very knowledgeable about religion.

People have different understandings and religious ideals. Therefore, parents do not yet understand your ideals, and understanding, it is your responsibility to explain to parents. If your parents have a clear understanding of your religion, then they are ready to open their hearts to their children. If you can't explain it to your parents and let them get away from you, then this is missing.


“Enlightenment is happiness, stubbornness is suffering".


Namo Amitabha Buddha!



 Từ khóa: conversion is a sin

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