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Do faith and prayer make us a Saint?


The above question is very good and practical. I would like to answer two parts: one is believing, the other is prayer.

I – Belief:

The belief is freedom. Everyone often has many beliefs such as 1 - Grandparent belief, 2 - Human belief, 3 - Religious belief.

1 - Grandparent belief:

Your parents gave birth to you. They raise you up. They gave you education. Parents are the source of your history. These are the reasons that people repay gratefully and worship their grandparents.

2 - Human belief:

Human beliefs had no organization, undertakings, doctrine, or dogma. Therefore, human faith belongs to the nation, it's okay to believe it or not. Every country has different human beliefs.

For example, they worship gods and celestial bodies in the temple, etc.

3 - Religious belief:

Religious belief is an organization, has undertakings, has a doctrine, a dogma. Because, organized religion, doctrine, etc. religion is capable of spreading religion from one country to another.

For example Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, etc.


So what is religion?


Every religion worships a divine being. Although the divine beings have different names, the divine beings all have one thing in common: the creation of the world and man, especially the salvation of man. That's why people believe and pray for favor.

II - Prayer:

In life, people often pray for others and for themselves.

+ Praying for others:

We used to pray for good weather and peace for the world, country, and people, etc.

+ Prayer for individuals:

We often pray peacefully for family, children, or good health, good business and luck in all aspects, etc.

The above prayers are not intended to harm anyone, merely wishing good luck for themself. The most practical prayer is to do yourself a favor for others. To benefit others is to benefit yourself. However, faith and praying do not make you become a good one. Why? because in order to be good people you have to improve your personal morality.

For example, the mouth does not lie, does not speak harsh words, does not speak ill to others, does not double-tongued, etc.; the body does not kill people and animals, the body does not steal, etc.; the mind is not greed, hatred, delusion, etc. Therefore, believing and praying cannot make you a good person, let alone a Saint. Is there anyone who develops faith and do prayers in order to become a doctor, a dentist, etc.? It is impossible. If you want to become a saint, you must study and practice the Saint`s teachings.


Mano Amitabha Buddha!


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