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Namo Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha!

Dear Master!

Many people say that the Buddha is a divine being. So, what do I base on to explain exactly?


Namo Shakyamuni Buddha!

Dear Buddhists!

At first, we define a conception of the divine being.

* The Divine being:

          The Divine Being is a person who vows to save all living beings. That is a reason, everyone prays Him.

How can we know a real divine being? Western researchers guide you to learn some of the following factors:

1        - If you considered Him as a savior, then you ought to find out his vows. Did he vow to save you or not?

2        – Had he history? If he had no history. How could you know him?

3        – You worshiped him as a divine being. How can you know that he became a divine being?

4        – Where did he give teachings? To whom did he give teachings? When did he give teachings? Are his teachings able to guide you to any cultivations in order to become a divine being?


As I knew that the Buddha never said: “I am a divine being“. He just guided people on how to live happily, how to qualify morality, and how to liberate samsara, particularly to become an enlightened one. But people almost worship Him as a divine being. Why?

1 – He vowed to save all living beings and He also taught peoples to vow to rescue all sentient beings as well. In the ways, man can improve your compassion and perform your compassion to the other.

2 – You can get to know him through history.

3 - Through history, you may know that He practiced meditation to become an enlightened being, as known a Buddha.

4        - His teachings are about the truth of life and the truth of the true mind. These are the truths, specifically aimed at practicing meditation to become a Buddha.

5        - He meditated only to attain great concentration, so he was full of magical powers such as 1. He could see far, 2. He could hear far, 3. He could know other people's minds, 4. he can know the past and future of others, 5. he has supernatural powers of transformation, 6. he has full wisdom to teach sentient beings.

Maybe, these are the reasons why people believe that He is a divine being with the power to save sentient beings.


Namo Amitabha Buddha!

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