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For thousands of years, many people wanted to know who created human beings, everyone had been very curious about this question!
Someone said: “Human beings come from monkeys”.
Someone said: “Human beings come from the Creator God”. They explained that He had the power to do that. They worshiped him and prayed for favor. Particularly, they believed that He could rescue them to paradise after death.
+ Most of the Western religious researchers asked:
What is the Creator God `s history? Where did he live? Who was his parent?
+ Someone replied:
He had no history and no parents.
+ The researchers asked:
How can you believe a person who did not has a history? It means that he was not true. He had no history; Noone could see him; Noone knew him; then you had no evidences to prove that he created human beings. Someone said that he came from your dreams or from your imagination. As you knew that he had no history. Who gave birth to him? And where did he come from?
+ Someone replied:
He came from nature.
+ The researchers asked:
You said that he had no history, no parent; He came from nature. This answer did not suit science. Who saw that? How could you know that?
+ Someone replied:
I thought so.
+ The researchers asked:
What you thought without any piece of evidence is only from your imagination. It meant that you had cheated yourself in this way. If you trusted that the Creator God had the power to make this earth and everything, can you ask him to change this earth to paradise?
+ Someone replied:
No, I do not know.
+ The researchers asked:
The storms, the earthquakes, the tornados, etc.. had killed many peoples. Why did he create these phenomena?
+ Someone replied:
I don`t know. Perhaps, He would like to punish them.
+ The researchers asked:
Since human beings were born in this world, they had started fighting each other until now. But the Creator God made them; why did He not help them become good people or stop their fighting?
+ Someone replied:
No, He can`t do that. Human beings want to fight.
+ The researchers asked:
All human beings were born on this world, and all of them pass away one at a time. It meant that all of them lived temporarily. This was great suffering! For what did He create human beings? why did He not send all of them directly to paradise?
+ Someone replied:
No, I did not reply to those.
Most people had many curious questions. Who were the first people on this earth? Who created human beings? These were reasons why someone set up a person as a creator god. He satisfied all curious answers of human beings. But in fact, the researchers did not find out his history. He had no parents, no human being body. Then, nobody saw him; nobody knew how he looked; was He a good or bad person? How were his practice and study? As you knew that he had no human body; then how could he give teachings to others? Could he teach others by feelings or through dreams? Surely, he could not. So the researchers concluded that he had no human body, and he also had no teachings. Someone wrote the teachings through the concepts of human belief. Day by day, they developed theories as well.
a) Human beings:
+ Ask:
          I would like to learn about Buddhist conceptions. Where did human beings come from and who created this earth in Buddhism?
+ Reply:
Buddha did not aim to reply to all curious questions. Why? Life is very short. So at first, Buddha focused to guide human beings on how to qualify their personal moral ethics by practicing precepts; The second, He guided human beings on how to remove the sufferings from lust, hatred, and ignorance; In other words, He guided how to live happily by practicing Samatha meditation; The third, He guided human beings on how to liberate Samsara – rebirth by practicing Vipassana meditation. These were important purposes for human lives.
          As i know in Buddhism. Buddha taught:
“All things had been formed by cause and conditions,
All things will be vanished by cause and conditions.”
It means that all human beings, animals, plants, and the Earth had formed by cause and conditions. And all human beings, animals, plants, and the Earth will be vanished by cause and conditions. This was a natural principle in the universe.
          Oh! I thought that exactly. I ask you. Who gave birth to you?
+ Ask:
          That was my Mum.
+ Reply:
          Without your father, could she do that?
+ Ask:
          No, she could not.
+ Reply:
          As you knew, your mother could not give birth to you by herself. Your father and your mother cooperated with each other; then she got pregnant and gave birth to you. So we can say that your mother is one cause; your father is one cause, and you are another cause; three causes have good conditions; then you got a human body. All human beings came here like you.
The human body consists of four elements such as earth, water, wind, and fire (temperature). These four substances have good conditions to form a human body. It will undergo old age, sickness, and death. So this body will be vanished by cause and conditions. We have to realize that our bodies are temporary.
+ Ask:
          But I actually would like to know the first one who created human beings?
+ Reply:
          As you replied that your parents gave birth to you. They were your historical source. They gave food to you; they took care of you; they gave education to you; they were really your creator god. You have to respect and pay gratitude to them. You have to worship them. For what did you look for the first one?
+ Ask:
          When did human beings come here?
+ Reply:
          Buddha taught: “There were living beings from beginningless until endless.” It means that before forming this earth, the living beings had lived in other worlds. And after this earth would be ended; they will move to other worlds. When the living being dies; it means that their bodies do not work, but their souls still continue to live in other forms.
b) The animals:
The animals give birth like human beings. The males and the females cooperate with each other; then they give birth to the new one. The animals have some things similar to human beings. The animal and human beings have the same lives, moving, feeling, love, etc. Only human beings are able to study and realize things better.
All living beings have been born in four ways. There are 1. Birth from the womb, 2. Birth from the egg, 3. Birth from moisture, 4. Birth from transformation.
* Birth from the wowb: Such as humans, the pigs, the cows, the dogs, etc.
* Birth from the egg: Such as the chicken, the birds, the snakes, etc.
* Birth from moisture: Such as the insects, etc.
* Birth from transformation: Such as the mosquitos, the bees, etc. and the god beings.
c) The plants:
The plants have been grown by cause and conditions.
For example, a mango seed has good soil, water, wind, and temperature condition, then it is able to grow into a mango tree. One day, you can get a mango fruit. In this case, the mango seed has only air. It has not enough conditions to grow up a mango tree. So we can say that the plants grow up by cause and conditions and the plants will be vanished by cause and conditions one day. Most Scientists also researched so.
+ Ask:
So who created this earth and universe?
+ Reply:
Buddha taught that there were a lot of the worlds in the universe like sands in the Ganga river. In other words, we can say there are a lot of solar systems in the universe. Our solar system consists of the sun and 8 planets such as 1. Mercury planet, 2. Venus planet, 3. Our earth, 4. Mars planet, 5. Saturn planet, 6. Jupiter planet, 7. Uranus planet, 8. Neptune planet.
Our earth had formed by earth, water, wind, fire (Temperature). So earth, water, wind, and fire were causes; They got good condition to gather each other; They formed the earth. It will exist one period of time; And then it will vanish one day. Therefore, we can say that the earth formed by causes and conditions; The earth will be vanished by causes and conditions.
Western scientists had launched many satellites in space. They had researched and proved that there were uncountable planets and solar systems in the universe. They guessed that there were living beings in other worlds. Maybe, they had lived as human bodies or they had lived in different forms. Especially, they discovered that many worlds had been formed by a lot of meteorites and dust. And many worlds had exploded already, or they are going to explode. So when it explodes; we can see a lot of meteorites that fly everywhere in space. A few meteorites had already fallen down on our earth. Thereby, almost all of the space scientists had proved that worlds had formed and existed a period of time; After that, they would be exploded and would be vanished by cause and conditions. Space science's research is suitable to Lord Buddha`s teachings.
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