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I – Introduction
Namo Sakyamauni Buddha!
Dear the most venerable Bhikkhu Sangha!
Dear all the Dharma friends!
The Buddhist Congregation of India established on 19/02/2020 at Bodhicariya Buddhist Vihara, Address:  Maitree Nagar, Chakma road, New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata. The founder was Ven. Thich Hanh Dinh, a Vietnamese monk. He came to Norway in 1989; He became a Buddhist monk in 1997 at Vien Giac Monastery in Germany. His master is the most ven. Thich Nhu Dien. He did organise a Sangha meeting whom presented the most venerable master Bimal Bhikkhu, Ven master Sadhananda Chakma, Ven. Sanghapala Thera, Ven. Jina Piya Thera, Ven. Anuruddho, Ven. Sumana Tisha Thera, Ven. Jina Piya Thera, Ven. Povangkar Thera, Ven. Loka Jyoti Thera, Ven. Saranapal Mahathera, Ven. Purna Nanda Thera, Ven. Shanti Ratna Thera.etc. . During meeting, everybody were delighted to agree to establish Buddhist Congregation of India.

India have many religions. Buddhism is one of the biggest religion in India. Many countries had been being Buddhist countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, China, etc.  and Nowadays, Buddhism had spread to Australia, America, Europe, ect. . We can say that Buddhism had become a international religion in the world. Everyone did know that Buddhism came from India. So Indian Buddhism was really original Buddhism and Buddhism was a Buddhist country in the Mauryan dynasty, particular in the Ashoka king`s times. However, nowadays Indian Buddhism is a small number in India, about 0,7 % of Indian population. Therefore, nobody knew who are the representatives of Indian Buddhism, Indian Sangha and where they are ,etc. . These are reasons that we would like to organise Buddhist Congregation of India. It will be a official organisation that is representatives of Buddhism and Sangha community in India. Indian goverment, foreigner country can know us and contact us through Buddhist Congregation of India. Particular, we will be a membership of International Buddhist council. Besides, our congregation aims as following:
1 - BCI set up Sangha community more properly and stronger. All Buddhist Monks gather together, cooperate together, help each other and live harmony in Sangha community. Then Sangha community will be stronger and stronger. Monk is a member of Sangha community. So, monks should live harmony in Sangha community. If you live separately. You are not Buddhist Sangha.
2 – BCI will organise the Sila transmittion ceremony for Sangha.
3 – BCI creates to have harmony and good connection in Sangha community. BCI will have Buddhist national meeting and festivals in yearly.
4 – BCI provides official certificates for all Buddhist Vihara and Sangha community, even all Buddhists.
5 - BCI gives education for Monks, Nuns and Buddhist through Buddhist school and meditation courses etc.
6 - BCI organises Buddhist activities and meditation courses for students and teenagers.
7 - Buddhist Congregation of India is  a official organisation. So BCI is able to protect Sangha community and other things.
8 – BCI will help all Viharas developing Buddhism.
9 – BCI can help constructions in the remote area.
10 - BCI notify Buddhist informations to all viharas by online.
11 – BCI is able to do charitable works in society.
          BCI will try on our best to focus the development of Buddhism in India and oversea. These are  Sangha community`s duties and responsibilities.
          Thanks for your all cooperations and helpfuls.
Namo Sakyamuni Buddha!
Yours in the Dharma!
Nagpur, Date on 25/02/2020
Bhikkhu Thich Hanh Dinh

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