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I – What is religion?
        Religion worships the creator god who did create the world and human beings. Therefore, someone worships and prays him for favors.

II – The religions derive from the human’s belief:
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
        The western religious researchers said that the religion derived from the human’s belief. Why?
         They mentioned that the belief object of religion did not have source of history and background, so who is the object of belief?
+ The object of belief is a person who someone can believe and worship, i.e., the holy person, the celestial one, a saint, the creator god, etc.
+ The propagator is a person who propagates theory to other people. They are representatives and leaders of religion, but they are not the founder of the religion.
+ The believers are devotees or followers of The religion. They are also not  the founders of religions.
        The researchers told that on upon of times, human beings had undergone a lot of suffering from natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes, tsunami; the suffering of the wars, suffering of the injustice in society; suffering of starvation; the suffering of sickness and death, etc. So, they need some holy persons who could help and rescue them. Therefore, they prayed for the Gods to bless them and bring fortune and happiness. These were the reasons why human beings established the religions and they named all the holy persons and the creator gods, etc. After that, they wrote the religious rules for religious followers. How can we know that?
        The religious researcher said that there were 4 reasons: 1) The object of belief had no history; 2) They had no teachings; 3) They were not the founder of religions; 4) They did not have any religious cultivations.
I – They had no history:
        For example, for those who believe in God, their god is the object of belief. Actually, God did not have a source of history. He came from the human’s belief and their imagines. If you believe a person who did not have history, then it means that you believe an unreal human being. Because they did not have history, no one could know their name, their country, and their parents. If they did not have human bodies, then no one could see and know them. Nobody could recognize they were human beings or saints. That were the reasons that the researchers said that the object of belief had no history. They had been introduced by belief and imagination.
II – The object of belief had no teaching:
        Since they did not have  the human body, how did they give teachings to others? The religious theory had been written by human’s beliefs year by year. Humans wrote religious theory through their belief opinions; at the same time, they made religious rules for the devotees. In fact, the object of belief did not give teaching.
III – The object of belief is not the founder of religions:
        The object of beliefs had no history, no human bodies, then how could they be the founders of religions? Since they were not the founder of religions.  Religions had been established by human. For instance, Bill Gate developed Microsoft. Then, we can say that he was a founder of the computer.
IV – The object of belief had no religious cultivations:
        If the object of belief had no history, then the researchers had no evidence to prove the religious cultivation of the belief object. Therefore, the researchers could not know they were good or bad, negative or positive; they could not recognize them as a human being or holy persons. In the end, the researchers concluded that religion derived from  human `s  belief. If you do not believe the researchers, then you yourselves can research the history of the belief object by four reasons above.
Thank you for listening!

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