Congratulations card for Buddha's birthday

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Congratulations card for Buddha's birthday
Congratulations card for Buddha's birthday
2648th time – Buddhist calendar 2568

How good! Buddha was born.
How good! Noble Dharma.
How good! The monks are in harmony.
How good! Everyone practices together.

Namo Shakyamuni Buddha!
Dear all Dharma friends and all lovely Buddhists!
Buddha was born because of compassion to save sentient beings from the suffering of old age, sickness, and death; the suffering of greed, anger, and ignorance; and the suffering of samsara.
On the occasion of the 2648th Buddha's Birthday, we pray to Buddha Shakyamuni to bring peace to the world, bring prosperity and happiness to humanity, and bless all of you and your families. May your relatives and friends be healthy, your mind will be peaceful, gentle, and serene, and we respectfully wish you to diligently practice the fullness of blessings and wisdom.

Namo Shakyamuni Buddha

Congratulations on the birth of Buddha!
Happy Buddha`s birthday!

Abbot of Phat Linh Pagoda - Vien Giac Pagoda
Bhikkhu Thich Hanh Dinh

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