Stone Laying Ceremony To Build Phat Linh Pagoda

“Stone Laying Ceremony” Restoration of Phat Linh Temple
The First StoneRecounting the "Stone Laying Ceremony" for the restoration of Phat Linh Pagoda on May 19, 2005
Nam Mo Bon Master Sakyamuni Buddha
Stone Laying Ceremony to build Phat Linh Pagoda

“Stone Laying Ceremony” Restoration of Phat Linh Temple
The First StoneRecounting the "Stone Laying Ceremony" for the restoration of Phat Linh Pagoda on May 19, 2005
Nam Mo Bon Master Sakyamuni Buddha
It is often said:
"The roof of the temple protects the nation's soul, the
eternal life of the ancestors" .

Indeed, that saying has been included in songs, or poems in history. Because the temple is not only a silhouette of Buddhism, but also a typical symbol of traditional customs, and national culture through thousands of years of Vietnamese Buddhist history.

Unfinished temple construction
Phat Linh Pagoda was made "The Stone Laying Ceremony" in 1973, by Buddhist lady Huynh Thi Hoa, Dharma name Dieu Thanh. In 1973, the pagoda started construction, and at the same time the Most Venerable Phap Ha Minh was invited by the association to be the Abbot. Unfortunately, the construction of the pagoda was unfinished, and the Venerable Master also passed away in 1976. After that, the pagoda was entrusted to Ban Hoi Tu to take care of for nearly 30 years. Now the pagoda has also been seriously degraded, the roof of the pagoda and the trusses have been destroyed. . . and now it's time to restore it so that the monks and Buddhist relatives have a place to study.

With the above needs, Venerable Thich Hanh Dinh vowed to stand up and restore this "Dai Hung Bao Dien" throne. Therefore, we solemnly hold the “Stone Laying Ceremony” on Thursday, at 9:00 am on May 19, 2005 (on April 12 of the Year of the Rooster). With proof: Most Venerable Thich Dong Huy (Head of Buddhist Administration of BR-VT Province, Abbot of Van Hanh Monastery; Most Venerable Thich Nguyen Truc (Head of BR-VT Provincial Sangha Committee, Abbot of Tu Nhan Pagoda) ; Most Venerable Thich Giac Cau (Chief Representative of Buddhism in Tan Hoa Commune, Abbot of Ngoc Thanh Vihara); Venerable Thich Minh Duc (Head of Buddhist Culture Department of BR-VT Province, Abbot of Minh Duc Monastery); Venerable Thich Giac Nghia (Deputy Chief Representative of Buddhism in Tan Hoa Commune); Venerable Thich Giac Thang (Member of the Buddhist Executive Board of BR-VT Province); Venerable Thich Chieu Thang (Secretary of the Buddhist Representative Board of Tan Commune) Draw ); Venerable Thich Thien Thuan (abbot of the Institute of Specialization); Venerable Thich Phong Nha (Deputy Abbot of Linh Quang Vihara); Venerable Thich Vien Nhu. . . There were also a few Sangha guests to attend the ceremony.

On Wednesday afternoon we were very worried, because everyone was busy with family and work. We only have Master Minh Nhat and Ms. Duyen Nguyen left in the temple. I don't think there are enough people to welcome the venerable ones. In fact, we only invite local monks and Buddhists. But we also have to understand that everyone is busy with work every day. Anyway, I have to endure it, because it's so predestined!

In the evening, Miss Nhut suddenly came up from Saigon, and she also said: "There are a few more friends who are riding Hondas, probably coming soon". I'm glad to hear that, because I have a one-handed assistant. In the morning, the neighbors invited each other to help, making us feel happy and secure for the food department. More and more Buddhists came from Saigon like Mr. Cuong and his wife, Thuy leading a delegation, as well as Mr. Khanh returning from India and coming very randomly etc. .

Program of the ceremony: 8 hours to welcome the venerable monks and nuns; 9 o'clock official "Stone Laying Ceremony"; 10 hours writing white offerings Trai increase; 11 o'clock complete. But at 7:15 Venerable Giac Nghia, Teacher Vien Nhu, Master Thien Thuan were present. Thank you for being so enthusiastic! Actually, we did the groundbreaking ceremony for the Buddhist family ourselves, but we never attended the "Stone Laying Ceremony" of the temples or monasteries, so we are inexperienced and do not know how to deal with it. for a solemn ceremony. But fortunately, Mr. Thien Thuan is an experienced person in organizing ceremonies, so he hunted down his sleeves and arranged everything. . .

“Stone Laying Ceremony” Restoration of Phat Linh Temple
Unexpectedly, the Venerables arrived early and in large numbers, making us very touched with the silhouette of the Most Venerable Master (Thuong Dong Ha Huy), and other venerable virtues who were not afraid of old age and weakness, the time of Buddha's Birthday is coming. coming, but gave special favor to this young monk in particular, and to Phat Linh pagoda in general. . . We, followers of Buddha Linh Pagoda, would like to pay homage to the aforementioned virtues.

Phat Linh Temple Restoration
At 9 o'clock the ceremony began. After the white paper invited the venerable ones to perform the ceremony, we went ahead to beat the Khanh; Master Minh Nhat holds a tray of incense sticks and follows. During the ceremony, the three monks prayed, and we knelt behind, the other monks stood in two rows on either side. The Venerable Master (Nguyen Truc) was the master of the ritual, when the Venerable Master celebrated the ceremony, the Venerable (Dong Huy) swore. When the monks chanted Dai Bi mantra, we and Master Thien Thuan shielded the "Stone Stone" to the two monks (HT. Dong Huy, HT. Nguyen Truc), and all put the Stone together. After reciting the Great Compassion, the Prajnaparamita Sutra, and the dedication, the venerable master vowed to conclude the ceremony to perfection.

Next, we wrote gratitude for the demonstration of the ceremony by the venerable ones, and respectfully made offerings to the sanskrit. All the venerable ones were happy, and said: "The atmosphere of the ceremony is dignified, full of warmth, but it's lucky that it doesn't rain!" Hearing that, our hearts were so happy as if we had just drank a few liters of nectar!!! Once again, we all in Phat Linh Temple would like to respectfully pay respects to the Venerables.

Phat Linh Temple BR VTThis stone laying was the second time 34 years ago. But we pray to the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Venerables, with the support of Buddhists, the restoration of Phat Linh Pagoda will be completed in the near future. After Bao Dien Temple is built, we vow to create good conditions for followers and Buddhists to study, as well as a refuge for the spiritual life for Buddhists, and at the same time, Phat Linh Pagoda will be a special image. traditional cultural characteristics of the nation. This will not deviate from the sentence:
" Pagoda roof cover ch in  h oh n Population t o c,
N ế p s abominable ng all e er i c tempering a T drive  tones ".

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