Phat Linh Temple Construction Process

Dear Most Venerable Venerables, Most Venerable Venerable Monks and Nuns!


Phat Linh Temple Construction Process
Phat Linh Temple Construction Process

Dear Buddhists near and far!
We Vietnamese people often have a saying:

"The roof of the pagoda protects the soul of the nation, the
eternal life of the Ancestors".

Indeed! The roof of the pagoda is a reflection of the traditional cultural characteristics of our Vietnamese people. Therefore, anyone who looks at the roof of the pagoda can understand a part of the traditional culture, customs and habits of the Vietnamese people, especially about Buddhist beliefs. Thereby we see that the roof of the pagoda is always associated with the country and the nation, inseparable from each other. No matter how dignified the roof of the pagoda is, it also contributes a part to the moral foundation of humanity in general, and for our nation in particular.

Monk Thuong Phap Ha Minh, the famous Huynh Van Kiem, came to this land located on National Highway 51, 10 km from Ba Ria town, and held a stone laying ceremony in 1972. 1973 The monk and the House of Representatives. self-initiated the construction of Tam Bao temple. Construction works faced many economic difficulties and in chaotic war situations. Therefore, the construction work lasted until 1976, when the monk passed away, leaving Ban Ho Tu and his loyal followers.

Sister Thich Nu Van Thanh, who took the place of Huynh Thi Hoa, is the sixth daughter of the monk, ordained a monk with Most Venerable Tri Ha Minh at Khuong Viet Temple in the Kingdom of Norway. After that, the nun returned to Vietnam with only Most Venerable Dong Ha Quy, Head of the Executive Committee of BR-VT Province. After that, the nun returned to the abbot of Phat Linh temple. The nun, together with the Ban Ho Tu, are always determined to restore the Three Jewels throne like the old monk's treasure. The nun had just taken care of the paperwork for the re-incarceration and patched up the dilapidated main hall. The nun often said to Buddhists: "I saw the new Three Jewels take shape, and then I died and was satisfied." When the construction of the Sangha began to be built, a serious illness broke out. In early 2007, the nun passed away. Therefore, the above wish could not be fulfilled.

Venerable Thich Hanh Dinh is the son of the Abbot. He returned from work in India, and together with the board continued to take care of the restoration of the Three Jewels. Master Hanh Dinh ordained with Most Venerable Nhu Ha Dien at Vien Giac Pagoda in Hannover - Duc Quoc. In 2007, he and the association started the construction by themselves. According to estimates of the construction company, the cost of the project is about 1.4 billion VND, about 8 months. The protection board at that time only had a few hundred million, not enough to hire a construction company, but fortunately the Buddhist brothers had long-term experience in construction. The budget is difficult, so it should be suspended for a few months. The progress of the project depends on the support of Buddhists, as well as family members. So the work goes on slowly.

We still remember at the beginning of the 2008 rainy season, Mr. Hanh Dinh and Mr. Thang (a relative) and two Buddhist brothers (Mr. Dep and Mr. Dep) bought a plan to pour dozens of these concrete round pillars. Each pillar takes 3 to 4 days to complete. Rainy days can be extended. This is one of the unforgettable memories in the construction of this Tam Bao temple. When the column was finished, it was mysterious, no one knew how to make the roof. At that time, everyone had to find a professional to build the temple. It took nearly two months to find Mr. Quang (Buddhist) who promised to help build the roof of the temple. How happy everyone was then!

During the roof construction period lasted more than half a year, but faced with the difficult economic situation, the price of cement and steel skyrocketed, causing the cost to increase unexpectedly. The households themselves have to borrow more money to pay the weekly labor. However, thanks to the Buddhists, the construction materials company, the granite company, the water stone statue company, helped to provide the missing materials, etc. Thanks to that, the construction work was gradually completed and completed to this day. The household board calculates the cost for the project to be 2.8 billion VND, the loan amount and the material debt is 740,000,000 million VND. The total cost is more than 3.5 billion VND. Actually, the Board of Directors is very happy firstly to have completed the Master's dream and secondly, during the long time during the construction process, there were no accidents at all. However, the Self-Defense Committee is still worried;

Thinking back through the construction process this is not only 3 years, but actually it has been nearly 40 years, and has passed 3 generations. . . The presence of this Triple Gem took a lot of time, effort and money of those who went before and those who followed. Monks often teach: "Building a Three Jewels is so difficult, let alone building a virtuous person is even more difficult".

Today in the joyful atmosphere of the Inauguration ceremony, with the testimony of the Venerable Monks and Nuns and the large attendance of Buddhists from near and far, the ceremony was extremely solemn. . .

We all in the Protection Committee of Phat Linh Pagoda, sincerely express our gratitude to Master (Upper Nhu Ha Dien) and the Venerable Duc and Nuns for helping support from spiritual to material; We would like to thank the authorities at all levels for helping to facilitate all aspects and we would like to thank the merits of Buddhists in the country and in Europe, America, Canada, etc. extremely difficult economic situation.

We would like to join hands to pray to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to bless Master, and to the Venerable Buddhas and Monks of the Dharma, for peace, for sentient beings from different lands; We pray for the blessings of the Three Jewels to bless Buddhists always with many blessings and encounter many victories on the path of learning and liberation. . .

Here are a few pictures from the opening ceremony:

Phat Linh Pagoda on July 4, 2009
Bhikkhu Thich Hanh Dinh

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